Amaghara Design

Most of us surely find it frustrating to live with a broken tap, leaky pipe, undone toilet flush or low water pressure during our long showers. But somehow we do live with it or we have to, as we have no idea how to get it fixed. Its too time consuming and we choose to better utilize our time by living with issues. At Amaghara we make sure that only an experienced serviceman knocks your door on the time promised.

You take a reliable water supply for granted. It is only when the water stops flowing from the shower and taps that you realize how important it is. As a homeowner or tenant, the last thing that you want is for a plumbing problem to derail your regular life. 
A dripping faucet may only be a minor inconvenience of annoyance, but a blocked drain or sewage leak can be quite disastrous and even cause structural damage to the building. More often than not, the small plumbing problems and drain backups that you ignore can lead to bigger problems that take a lot of money and time to resolve.

Our services

  •  Cleaning of drains
  •  Detection of leaks
  •  Replacing old piping
  •  Kitchen sink installation
  •  Cleaning clogged drains
  •  Locating broken sewer lines
  •  Restoring water pressure
  •  Repairing broken sewer and water lines
  •  Installation & repair of septic tanks
  •  Installation & repair of new plumbing fixtures
  •  Kitchen faucet replacement and repair