Amaghara Design

Amaghara Design  has a team of well accomplished knowledgeable professionals providing Borewell services in Bangalore. Teams are consistently engaged in developing and providing expertise services beginning with understanding customers preferences to final execution.

Borewell Services Broadly Categorized Operation Includes:
  • Tubewell Drilling
  • Borewell Drilling
  • Groundwater Examination
  • Installation of Pumps
Our Water Experts Include
Groundwater Sureyor’s


Groundwater surveyors tap the water and survey the necessary feet measurement required at the plot . Due to their expert knowledge, they disclose guaranteed reports for the further technical process. They value customer’s time and patience.

Geological Engineers

Many Geological Engineers are appointed by Government organizations, and interact with various group of experts. Preliminary examination includes use of various Software’s for study of the plot. They are involved in installation and monitoring field instruments. Additionally analytical study of earth at the laboratory can be made.

Drilling Technician

Clearly understand the specifications of the customers for their level of usage and requirement. Drilling technicians serve as per the exact needs at right place and save your precious hours.

Our Technical Process Includes Following
  • Check proper borewell drilling point by our technicians.
  • Quality water label and surface of water by our geo engineers.
  • Then we start our drilling work with our expert drillers.
  • After that we install the jet pumps with pipes & fittings.
  • Our borewell Services are 4″, 6″, 7″ & 8″ bore holes with high rig drilling tools